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A word used by professionals to describe the perfect correlation between science, nature, and style.

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Choose between our four high-grade product collections. Each unique in its intended purposes and qualities. 

But why Paisle botanics™ ?

Our priorities, values, and of course, results, are what make us unique and reliable.
We use nature’s finest resources and adapt it to make our products effective, safe, and just plain old awesome.

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HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS. Guaranteed! we believe that most hair problems including hair loss, breakage and thinning can be fixed and even avoided by using only the highest quality ingredients from healthy natural sources in all of our products. We use NO HARSH CHEMICALS.
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MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE. That’s the name of the game. It all begins with a healthy scalp, all of our products are packed with the best moisturizing agents nature has to offer. To ensure your scalp and hair are properly moisturized.
BE THE BEAUTIFUL YOU. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Our products are here to give you healthier and more voluminous hair that just radiates confidence. We do everything in our hands to satisfy every customer and their needs. (True story!)

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As humans, we can invent, improve, and enhance. But it all comes from the place we all call home, Earth. When creating a formula, we like to take a step back and source our ingredients from plain old earth. It’s all there, we know it, we just need to look.

Once we found the right ingredients, we can’t just throw them in a bottle. At this point, we enter a trial period in which we test different quantities and variations. (Not on animals!) This can take a while, but we have patience. We keep tweaking the formula until we have the perfect blend of botanicals.

We never change nature, we adapt to it. And sometimes all we need is to give Earth a hand to keep the formula stable and consistent. This is a recurring process since natural ingredients can sometimes vary from batch to batch. We constantly play around with the formula to make sure we stay on top of our game.

We do absolutely everything in our power to be the best option for your hair, scalp, body, and for our environment.

Product Reviews

My new favorite shampoo!!! I love absolutely everything about it. It makes my hair shiny and smooth , my dandruff is gone and it’s very light scented, nothing too strong or extreme. Would gladly recommend it!

Good quality shampoos

Im a forever blonde, at least in my world I am, but it’s super difficult to maintain.This product is helping to turn my brassy back to beautiful! I love that it makes my hair so soft especially when it’s all dry and tangled after multiple bleachings.Sulfate free and vegan = Bonus!!!!!!!!

Back to beautiful!

I have brown hair with blond highlights that have gotten dull and dingy. My friend recommended I try a purple shampoo and use it once a week to maintain brightness. I do think the blonde looks brighter and blonder after using this only once and it did not damage the brown. I will continue to use once a week.

by lucia

Brighter blond

I shared this bottled with my mother. I was always weary when it comes to claims of hair growth from any type of shampoos/conditioners, but after using this product I have noticed my hair seems healthier, stronger, and it has grown. I see baby hairs where there were none before! You do need to be sure you leave the product on for the full 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing. The first time my mom said that she used it she loved the way that it made the way her hair feel. She said that after using it several times she even noticed that she was losing less hair when when she shampooed. We both agree that we will be buying this again.

It works great

I am a 50 year old male and this stuff has made my hair so healthier. My wife noticed it right away. I recommend this for anyone with naturally thin or thinning hair. It will optimize what you have and not clog your follicles which will help your natural growth. I’ve found my shampoo & conditioner for life! by GuitarGuy

good conditioner

When I first got this product the first thing I thought was how amazing it smells!!! Then, after using it for a month, my bald spots have significantly decreased!!!

Helped with my hair loss!!

This product works well and worth the value it comes in good use

by A mz


I ordered this shampoo not knowing what I was expecting; I need a good shampoo to try and I found this while doing some quick searches. What I found going into this was a spectacular shampoo and conditioner which seems to work for many hair types. The moment I put it on I smelled the beautiful herb-like aroma, which added on to the pros of this shampoo. After using both the shampoo and conditioner I noticed that my hair had a more volume like effect which I thought was only achievable with photoshop––oh how I was wrong! After a couple weeks of washing, I felt a difference in my hair and the strength had improved drastically. And I thought that the little tips and notes on the bottle were so cute and innovative. I would definitely give this shampoo and conditioner a try, as it is cost effective, it works well, and it’s even all natural. Plus, they might send you your next product for 100% free, so why not give it a go! You’ll love it!

Great All Natural Shampoo

by Patricia Diane McCallisterI absolutely love these products!! I actually have new hair growth after using it for a couple months. It’s very thick shampoo, so stay at your roots and remember a little goes a long way!

This one is my fav. They have diff ones that do diff. things

I started to have my hair thin a lot from overwhelming stress here recently. And I looked for something that would replace the nutrients that I was losing from stress, I never realized how much stress effects your over all health, like your hair. I did a little research and found that vitamin H(biotin) depletes from stress and we need that in order for our hair to stay thick and full. When we have a vitamin H deficiency that causes hair loss or thinning hair, the best thing for you to do is find something that is loaded with Biotin, and this is full of it and if you are only needing biotin for your hair thinning this is perfect.I actually tried just taking the pill form of B7 and boy did it upset my stomach I have always had issues with taking any kind of supplements, I guess my gut doesn’t like it! So I found this on Amazon and it’s made a huge dramatic difference in my hair. Where I was thinning it’s back to its normal thickness and this is my third bottle it doesn’t take long for you to start seeing results. I’m happy to say that I can positively approve your choice with this item. My hair feels fuller, and I can actually say feels healthier than before I even started having a thinning problem. I didn’t care for the smell but if it works I don’t care what it smells like, it’s not a bad smell just not something I would normally choose. Over all rating, HUGE FIVE STARS ⭐️ FOR ME   

by M R A

it REALLY works! pictures don't lie!

by K. Phill I’ve been using for 6 months and finally new hairs growing in. I don’t have a before picture but you can see the hairs growing in around my hairline. That was not there before. I also use rosemary and coconut oil treatments once a week. I would and do recommend this product.

Awesome product hair finally growing back in

This shampoo is great and smooth, my hair dresser recommended it. After using it multiple times, it Keeps Hair Straight even In Humid Weather! Highly recommended!! Package came quick.

Five Stars


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    Hair loss is one of the biggest problems you face in your life if you don’t take care of your hair properly. The sense of losing hair, the insecurity of getting bald and the peer pressure you might expect due to hair fall

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How to Feed Your Hair.

Great hair doesn’t come easy for most people. In fact, there are thousands of products available for people to improve the characteristics they don’t like about their hair. But what actually works? Is there something everyone can use? Truth is, the first and foremost way